President Trump

I’m not surprised that Donald Trump won the election. This result is about the intense hate many people have for Hillary Clinton (even if unfair or unfounded). Even those hopeful for a Clinton victory knew that the hate was there and possibly more prevalent than they could comprehend. It’s also the result of the fearful, hateful, uneducated, and uninformed factions of this country voting for the candidate who appealed to their fear and hate.

But Trump will disappoint his constituents. Trump will appease only Trump. His narcissism has been on display to the public for over thirty years. Who expects him to change? Who expects him to be magnanimous? It’s not happening.

My hope for the next four years is that this experiment perpetuated by the underbelly of this great country will get tested and exposed as completely inadequate in addressing the needs of his constituents, and the country. Perhaps if this Trump experiment fails spectacularly, we will be able to seize the opportunity to return to the healthy political debate and decorum we’ve had for hundreds of years before this year.